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Christian colonists met their requirements with buildings, constructed with toil and prayer to the Glory of God, designed to become the focal point of towns and villages throughout the young colony.
This book tells of just such an event in the birth and development of Launceston's Holy Trinity Church, the second principal Anglican Church and parish in Launceston.
This volume faithfully records in great detail not only the clergy who have officiated at the church, but also the many parishioners, organists and other valuable helpers who have worked for Trinity since its dedication in 1842.
Here is an overall examination of Trinity's past in all its colours and shapes, with all the facts set out as faithfully as source documents allow.
Various myths, legends and hearsay have been rigorously discounted in the interests of presenting a true record of Holy Trinity Church and its wonderful heritage.

About the Author: Jeny Gill
The first members of Jenny Gill's family to reach Launceston arrived in late 1831. Jenny has always lived in Launceston and was educated at Broadland House School.
Since then she has been involved in a number of different pursuits; the principal one, being employed at the Launceston Church Grammar School as the D V Gunn Archivist for 19 years.
Jenny has had a long interest in the history and development of Launceston and  has published two books on local history; "Engraved in Memory" and, "The Story of the Launceston Húmeopathic Hospital". She has also written a number of articles for Tasmanian Ancestry and for the Launceston Examiner, and presented several papers for the Launceston Historical Society and the Tasmanian Family History Society. Jenny has also published two books of her own poetry, 'The Handsome Deckhand' and 'The Fat Kitty'.

She has been working on this book for the past two years and has enjoyed every minute of the challenge.


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